Finance Committee

  • Description: Review and analyze financial reports, share observations and trends, and review investments. Also review the annual budget before presentation to the Board of Directors.
  • Current members: Matt Trivella, John Reichenbach, Sherraine Diaz

Membership Committee

  • Description: Identify needs for the board of directors, identify and interview new board candidates, shepherd board candidacies from beginning to end.
  • Current members: Melanie Jarboe, Jaya Pandey, Joe Petner, Kate McKinley, John Reichenbach

Development Committee

  • Description: Review Development/Fundraising activities, including working with staff to establish a fundraising plan, supporting efforts to raise money, being responsible for involvement of all board members in fundraising, and monitoring fundraising efforts to be sure that ethical practices are in place and that fundraising efforts are cost-effective.
    • The Gala Committee, led by Susan Hutman and Julia Lord, is a sub-set of the Development Committee.
  • Current members: Leo Rotman, Susan Hutman, John Reichenbach, Michel Rbeiz, Kate McKinley, Julia Lord, Jaya Pandey

Personnel Committee

  • Description: Review and update policies as needed, review exit interview information, hear grievances filed against the executive director, assistant the executive director with personnel issues as needed.
  • Current members: Joe Petner, John Reichenbach

Outreach Committee

  • Description: Provide strategic assistance to meet the Federation’s goals to prioritize serving culturally and linguistically diverse populations.
  • Current Members: Sherraine Diaz, Jaya Pandey, Melanie Jarboe

Executive Committee

  • Description: Consists of committee chairs and officers who review strategic direction, progress toward goals, and policy needs. The executive committee is empowered to make time sensitive decisions between board meetings. The executive committee meets with the executive director as needed between board meetings to address critical organization needs.
  • Current Members: John Reichenbach (Board Chair), Matt Trivella (Board Treasurer), Melanie Jarboe (Clerk)