Saturday, September 28 from 6-10pm

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Direct Link: Sponsorship and Ticket Registration (QGiv)

Silent Auction

Donations to the Silent Auction are an important part of the event’s success. Always popular items include “experiences,” such as time at a vacation home or the ingredients of a day trip or self-care day. Also popular are concert, performance, or sports tickets as well as themed baskets with multiple items and/or services included.

The documents below can be given to a business or service provider in person or sent by email.

  • Auction Donation Email: Copy & paste this text as boilerplate for a personal email from you. Or, refer to it for talking points if you approach someone initially by phone or in person.
    • In emailing or speaking with them, share with them why you support the Federation. Remind them that this is a low-cost way to promote their program, business or service.
  • Formal Auction Letter: Attach this PDF to a more personal email message. It contains our tax exempt information and is signed by Pam Nourse.
  • Auction Form: If possible, please send this Word document with the information typed into the form. This will enable Stephanie to process the form and enter donations into the necessary databases.  (She is blind, and assistive technology can’t read handwritten information.)
  • Questions? Contact Stephanie Barrera Valdes at

Sponsorships Materials

Rosalie will be working individually with Board members to discuss sponsorship prospects and how to approach potential new sponsors. Materials you can customize and share are linked below.

  • Sponsor Solicitation Letter – Please download or make a copy and then customize the letter to fit the person or business you are approaching.
  • Sponsorship Levels: This document can be emailed to potential sponsors. It contains detailed information about sponsorship levels.
  • Sponsorship and Ticket Registration page:  Share this link for people making their sponsorship donation directly, online.
  • (if Applicable) Pledge Form: Only use this form if they would like to spread out their sponsorship over multiple installments; or if they need an invoice for their business office to process their sponsorship.

Questions? Contact Rosalie Rippey at